Innovation in wastewater transport

Since 2021 several lift stations have been in use in the Southern part of Norway. Please contact us for a site visit!

Project: Suldal - Brakåsen

Image: Suldal, transportation Image: Suldal, facility placement Image: Suldal, manhole Image: Suldal, maintenance position

Lift station for a new housing estate I Suldalsosen, Rogaland. Installed in november 2022.

Project: Lyngdal - Konsmosvingen

Image: Lyngdal, facility placement Image: Lyngdal, maintenance position Image: Lyngdal, undercarriage Image: Lyngdal, in operation

Lift station located aside the main road between Konsmo and Byremo. As all other lift stations from Pumpemodul AS, it lies underground thus allowing easy maintenance of the road aside. The station has been in use since september 2022.

Project: Farsund - Verven

Image: Farsund, placement in piles Image: Farsund, Berber Korf on facilities Image: Farsund, maintenance position Image: Farsund, in operation

This lift station is located right in the center of Farsund, alongside the harbour. The top cover is camouflaged as a subsided stonebed in the lawn at a road crossing. The lift station has been in use since june 2022.

Project: Aurskog-Høland - Bjørkelangen

Image: Aurskog-Høland, facilities Image: Aurskog-Høland, facilities Image: Aurskog-Høland, takeover

At Vollajordet, close to a housing estate, in Bjørkelangen the Municipality of Aurskog-Høland wished for an underground lift station. The station has been installed in november 2021 and put in operation one month later after connection of a new sewer line.

Project: Åseral - Kyrkjebygd

Image: Åseral, facility placement Image: Åseral, facilities Image: Åseral, in operation

This lift station is located on the northern border of the river Yvero at Kyrkjebygd in Åseral. The lift station has been in use since October 2021.

Project: Farsund

Image: Farsund, in operation Image: Farsund, maintenance position 1 Image: Farsund, maintenance position 2 Image: Farsund, maintenance position 3

At Skollevoll in Farsund we have our testsite. At this location the first prototypes of out lift station has been tested “real-size” on the municipal sewer line from 2017 till 2020. This has given us thorough knowledge and understanding of our product. Many operators from municipalities in Southern Norway have visited our testsite and with their observations and remarks have contributed to the development of our design.

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